Saturday, February 28, 2009

Searchlight 2009 - First Day

I know it's late and I should be in bed for another early morning, but I just had to share some first pictures from the Searchlight exhibition with you!

The show opened today and not only did I get some great compliments on how the show looks, but many of the artists did some good sales today as well. Looking forward to the next two days!

When I get back to Brooklyn, I'll compile all my pics into a Flickr slide show so you can see every detail.

Also, very sorry, but things are too nutty to prepare your weekly serving of Friday Snacks. Maybe I should start doing that feature only fortnightly...

The Library is full of info about the artists along with space to sit and read.

The Lodge, with work by Matthew Hutton, Richard Saja, Sylvie Rosenthal, Nanda Soderberg, Hiroe Hanazono, and Jessica Benzaquen.

Artist Naomi Pearson traveled from Brooklyn on Wednesday to execute the wall illustrations.

The Gallery, with work by Kai Wolter, Annica Cuppetelli, and Eun-Suh Choi.

The Dressing Room with work by jewelry makers Maya Kini (pictured right), Amy Tavern, Jennaca Davies, and Stacey Webber.

Stay tuned for much more from Searchlight and the American Craft Show!

Posted and images by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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