Sunday, October 23, 2005

Postcard from Greenjeans - October 2005

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I took some pictures today of the shop and some of the new items we've brought in since my earlier blog entries. Notable among these are the woven baskets by Ray Lagasse, the gorgeous Shaker-style candle stand by Brian Braskie, and the elegant satiny end table by Geoffrey Ouellette, all NH artisans.

Also, in the last picture you will see something new hanging outside the shop -- our sign is finally up! Jae painted it and we had it installed on Tuesday. I've been enjoying watching it swing in the breeze, as well as seeing passers-by notice it and stop to look in the window.

Enjoy the photos, and here's to Autumn in NY!


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Eventful Few Months - update

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Greetings from Greenjeans!

It has been an eventful couple of months at Greenjeans, and we wanted to share the news with all of you.

The biggest news is that Jae and I got married! Our wedding was October 8 in Portsmouth, NH, and though it rained it was beautiful and wonderful. And we are absurdly happy! (I couldn't resist putting up this picture of us up coming back down the aisle…)

Meanwhile, Greenjeans has received some noteworthy publicity recently. We had a full interview and 3 pictures published in Crafts Business magazine (Sept/Oct 2005, p. 44-45); a very nice mention with a picture in the "Craftworld" section of the ACC's American Craft magazine (Oct/Nov 2005, p. 10); and a "News from the Gallery Front" write-up in NICHE magazine (Summer 2005, p. 36). Look for pieces by Greenjeans artisans Tom Dubois and Mary Anne Davis to appear in Domino and Natural Home & Garden magazines in the coming months, too!

We are now gearing up for the holiday shopping season and continue to work on the website. By the end of the year we plan to have e-commerce up and running so shoppers will be able to buy from Greenjeans online. And we’re looking forward to setting up our online wedding registry so couples who crave beautiful handmade table settings and housewares will have to look no further!

So check back soon – we will be posting a slideshow of wonderful new items at Greenjeans including woven baskets by New Hampshire artisan Ray Lagasse, stainless steel handbags by Wendy Stevens of Pennsylvania, and some new toys – including a wonderful wooden rocking horse – by Maine toymaker Frank Ridley.

Thanks for reading, and happy Fall!


- Amy