Monday, April 18, 2005

Greenjeans Front Wall

Greenjeans, April 16, 2005
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> Sundae sculptures & Hand wall sculpture - Jane Kaufmann (Durham, NH)
> Framed Polaroid photographs - Tim Johnson (Worcester, MA)
> Glazed bowls - Kit Cornell (Exeter, NH)
> Sweatered vessels from the "Women of Power" series [that's Brooke Aster in purple and Claire McCardell in peach] - Mary Anne Davis (Chatham, NY)
> Crockery - Jeff Brown and John Zentner (Northwood, NH)
> "Little Animals" - Corrie Beth Hogg (Brooklyn, NY)
> Jars of organic bath salts and facial scrub - Dag Shaw of Greenface (Northwood, NH)
> Buttons made of thread too short to save (in celadon bowl) - Rebecca Davis of Surface Features (Brooklyn, NY)
> Child's Shaker rocking chair - Brian Braskie's North Woods Chair Shop (Canturbury, NH)
> "Ballerina" wall sculptures of felted wool and clay [on the green wall] - Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie (Swanton, OH)

Tiger Chair and Wooly Landscape

Tiger Chair and Wooly Landscape
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> Child's Shaker rocking chair of tiger maple - Brian Braskie's North Woods Chair Shop (Canterbury, NH)
> Sculpture of dyed, felted wool - Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie (Swanton, OH)

Greenjeans North Wall

Greenjeans South Wall
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Pottery and turned wood items displayed on beveled shelves built by Dick Shaw (Northwood, NH). Wooden pedestals are actually the excess ends of huge pine timbers Dick has been using to build a timberframe house in Concord, NH.

Objects in Flight

Objects in Flight
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> Hanging mobile of dyed, felted wool - Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie (Swanton, OH)
> Framed pen & ink drawing - Tim Johnson (Worcester, MA)
> Wall sculpture "Record Rain" - Jane Kaufmann (Durham, NH)
> Brightly-glazed porcelain tableware - Mary Anne Davis of Davistudio (Chatham, MA)
> Pillow made of reclaimed fabric - Jennifer Lawrence (Brooklyn, NY)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Greenjeans South Wall

Greenjeans South Wall
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Jane Kaufmann's lily orb sits on the corner of table next to Jae. Our temporary French door table holds new jewlery, photographs and drawings by Tim Johnson (Worcester, MA), and shelters Frank Ridley's toys. One the wall hangs a sculpture of felted wool and clay by husband-and-wife team Geoff Buddie & Chris Rom (Swanton, OH).

Toys from Different Drummer Workshop

Frank Ridley has been making toys from local pine in the northern woods of Solon, Maine, for 30 years. All toys are sold unfinished, posing no health risks to tots who might like to chew. They may also be painted.

Greenjeans - Two Chairs

Greenjeans - Two Chairs
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Left to right:

> Toy highchair - Frank Ridley's Different Drummer Workshop (Solon, ME)
> Little Animal (in highchair) - Corrie Beth Hogg (Brooklyn, NY)
> Shaker rocking chair - Brian Braskie (Canterbury, NH)
> Wooden helicopter toy - Frank Ridley
> Orange silk shantung pillow - Jennifer Lawrence (Brooklyn, NY)

Shelves that Dad Made

Long Shelves
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These are the long shelves Dad (Dick Shaw) made for the shop. These two are 10' long, and then there's a pair of 4' long shelves nearer to the door. They feature a lip at the edge, tiny peg holes 3" from the back so you can stand up pictures or platters at any point along the entire length, and a deep bevel on the underside, almost like an airplane wing, giving them a sense of lightness.

Greenjeans Front Window

Greenjeans Front Window
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Back to front:

> Pillow - Jennifer Lawrence (Brooklyn, NY)
> Pod and seed vases - Mary Anne Davis (Chatham, NY)
> Wooden toys - Frank Ridley (Solon, ME)
> Green mug & bowl - John Zentner (Northwood, NH)
> Daffodil orb & little people on the windowsill - Jane Kaufmann (Durham, NH)
> Wooden bud vase - Tom Dubois (Eliot, ME)
> Polka dot and purple mugs - Mary Anne Davis
> Lotus tea bowl - Kit Cornell (Exeter, NH)
> Square bowl - Jeff Brown (Northwood, NH)