Monday, April 18, 2005

Greenjeans Front Wall

Greenjeans, April 16, 2005
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> Sundae sculptures & Hand wall sculpture - Jane Kaufmann (Durham, NH)
> Framed Polaroid photographs - Tim Johnson (Worcester, MA)
> Glazed bowls - Kit Cornell (Exeter, NH)
> Sweatered vessels from the "Women of Power" series [that's Brooke Aster in purple and Claire McCardell in peach] - Mary Anne Davis (Chatham, NY)
> Crockery - Jeff Brown and John Zentner (Northwood, NH)
> "Little Animals" - Corrie Beth Hogg (Brooklyn, NY)
> Jars of organic bath salts and facial scrub - Dag Shaw of Greenface (Northwood, NH)
> Buttons made of thread too short to save (in celadon bowl) - Rebecca Davis of Surface Features (Brooklyn, NY)
> Child's Shaker rocking chair - Brian Braskie's North Woods Chair Shop (Canturbury, NH)
> "Ballerina" wall sculptures of felted wool and clay [on the green wall] - Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie (Swanton, OH)

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