Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Final Post & New Blog Launch

Dear Readers,

It is with mixed emotions that I post this, my final post for Greenjeans Blog, as I prepare to begin a new blog named Found Curve. As you have been such loyal readers over the years, I wanted to tell you about this change-over and invite you to come along with me.

I started Greenjeans Blog in April 2005, right after my now-husband Jae and I opened the doors to our tiny gallery and shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We didn’t have a website yet so I thought a blog might be a good alternative for a little while. And it was.

As Greenjeans grew so did the blog, both providing me a wonderful, indeed transformative experience of connecting with a community, learning about craft and sustainability, and gaining a sort of real-world MBA.

In summer 2008, we closed our location with the intention of reopening a larger space in a new neighborhood. With the unfolding of the global economic crisis, however, we decided to hold off and be a web-only enterprise for a while. We became regular vendors at the Brooklyn Flea, too. This was great for a while, but for me just wasn’t as fulfilling as running a permanent physical space. And so after months of deliberation, in May 2009 we closed our virtual doors as well.

I attempted to continue blogging, but it wasn’t as robust. Without a space or exhibitions to write about it all felt a little disjointed to me. As spring turned to summer and I started a new job in a different field, I couldn’t focus as much on the blog. So I took a break and during that time discovered I wanted to continue blogging, but needed to turn over a new leaf and start blogging afresh.

And so I started Found Curve.

Greenjeans Blog will remain fully live and all 706 posts are archived at this same original location right here, so all links to it should still work. I will likely post "from the Greenjeans Archives" on Found Curve from time to time.

The shape of Found Curve is still being discovered. In many ways it will be like Greenjeans Blog with virtual studio visits, craft and art world coverage, essays, reviews and experiences. But as it will no longer be tied to Greenjeans the shop and gallery, it will likely take on a form of its own over time.

One topic I hope to pursue here is that of barns, especially the barns of New England and upstate New York, as I begin a re-acquaintance with an old familiar passion.

It is exciting to be launching back into the blogosphere -- I have missed blogging and being a part of the amazing community that built itself around Greenjeans Blog! It is my sincere hope that I can make Found Curve into a meaningful place as I believe Greenjeans has been for many people, including myself.

Come with me onward now around the curve… and *thank you thank you thank you* for reading.

Very truly yours,

- Amy

A “found curve,” by the way, is a timber-framing term for a length of wood that is naturally bent in such a way that it is as structurally valuable as a built angle. I like the name for so many reasons – the reference to barn building, the idea of nature as designer, the way the two words look and sound together, the mental sensation they evoke...