Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Artisan: Dennis Yuen

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Dennis Yuen, of Park Slope, Brooklyn, makes handsome and thoughtful blank books that plead to be written in (click here for slideshow). They are thick tomes that open flat (a vital detail for us writers!) filled with supple paper that is inviting to pen or pencil. He uses luscious papers and fabrics for his covers and endpapers. His binding designs, with their tight, exposed stitching or simply tied ribbons, are fascinating. And the overall proportions of the books are pleasing and functional. These are books to be enjoyed as objects as well as functioning journals -- the perfect marriage of art and life!

Dennis found out about us through a friend who had stopped by the shop one evening to check us out. He thought we might like to see Dennis' books, and since we're always interested in seeing what people are making, we invited him to come by with some samples. That weekend Dennis came by and showed us 7 or 8 books that he has made. I confess I was instantly in love. We talked about the books and the shop and Dennis looked around and thought he would like for his books to be in Greenjeans. So it was a match! It is such a pleasure to bring in a new artisan, especially when there is such a sense of discovery involved for both of us.

Though they aren’t available quite yet, Dennis is working on a new group of books for the shop that will be ready at some point in the next few weeks or so. No definite dates yet, but I will update the blog and post pictures to let folks know when they're available. And as with other work at Greenjeans, Dennis’ books will be exclusive to us in New York.

Meanwhile, you can check out Dennis' great blog,

I also want to thank Dennis and Morry for encouraging us to make more regular blog postings. Today is the first of what I hope will be many years worth of daily-or-so postings about new artisans, new objects, and new ideas at Greenjeans. Hopefully writing about Dennis' work will set things off on a good foot! Stay tuned!

And welcome Dennis to the Greenjeans Adventure!