Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sneak Peek: New Work by John Zentner

New Hampshire potter John Zentner sent me these pictures yesterday of newly-thrown pieces drying in preparation for bisque firing. Pottery like this gets fired twice: once before glazing and once after. This is the before picture.

These pieces will have to wait a little while before they're done because John is rebuilding his kiln, which is necessary from time to time. The kiln has to be taken down brick by brick and then built back up after necessary interior repairs are made, which is no small task. But we will have pieces from this batch in store this fall!

John makes lots of nice things, but to me his mugs take the cake. Just about every potter makes mugs, but not all mugs are created equally. John's mugs are always so well-balanced, well-proportioned, and friendly to handle and drink from. They are sturdy without being clunky, earthy without being homely, and creative without being whimsical. They are also a reassuring presence to me, though maybe this is because I've lived with his mugs at home for so many years. John has a gift for mug-making, and it's such a privilege to offer his quintessential mugs at Greenjeans. Anyone who collects handmade mugs definitely needs a Zentner mug or two!

A small sampling of finished mugs available at Greenjeans ($18-$35 ea.)

John peering into his kiln at a new firing (taken July 2005)

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