Thursday, March 29, 2007

NH Trip & Categories for Greenjeans Online

First, we are pleased to announce that you can now shop Greenjeans Online by category! Just go to our website and click on "shop" to check it out. (We're working on new photos so we can add new items...)

Earlier this week, we were in NH visiting artisans and selecting new work for Greenjeans. We brought back:

- Shaker totes (shown above right) and pegboards by David Emerson

- Dozens of new orbs and finger puppets by Jane Kaufmann

- Fresh wooden spoons by Dan Dustin

- Handsome baskets by Ray Lagasse

We also finally got to meet with Bill Summers, the maker of the jewelry boxes we've been admiring from afar. Hopefully we'll soon have them available in the shop!

Here are some pictures from our trip. Enjoy!

David Emerson (Canterbury, NH)

Bill Summers (Concord, NH). Click here for post about our studio visit and short video.

Jewelry boxes by Bill Summers. With dovetailed edges, breadboard lids, and seamless craftsmanship, they are, to me, quintessential. ARRIVING SPRING '07.

Dan Dustin polishing new spoons.

Jae selecting spoons in Dan Dustin's workshop.

Tom McLaughlin (right) is a fine woodworker who may be turning this huge piece of walnut into a headboard for a Greenjeans customer. Click here to watch a video of him and his apprentice in action!

Jane Kaufmann working in her studio.

Crocuses are just starting to push up through the winter cover. These are in my Great Aunt's yard. They're from the bulbs Jae and I gave as wedding favors back in Oct. '05.

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melania said...

the crocuses - what a romantic shot! they're unusually beautiful, like you two. i LOVE the stone earrings w/ pearls/precious stones you're selling on your site. i'm going to save up.