Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kapow! Table Fights at Magnan Projects - NY Design Week 2009

Part cock fight, part roller derby, and all serious embracing of absurdity, Table Fights are my new favorite spectator sport.

On May 16 (during NY Design Week), I joined a crowd of other curious spectators in a gravel yard under a blue tarpaulin out back of Magnan Projects in Chelsea to witness what seemed so absurd I couldn't resist coming to check it out.

Evidently, there are some in our community who enjoy automating old tables and fitting them with remote-controlled elements designed to decimate other tables. I believe it all started at RISD last year.

At this recent match, a dozen or so tables and their operators convened to punch, push, whirl, and roll their opponents into the dustbin of history. It wasn't quite as dramatic as I'd hoped -- the two matches I stayed for were funny but not exactly action-packed (as they sometimes are, if these videos are any indication). But I would definitely go again!

The tables awaiting their turn in the ring.

Last-minute adjustments before the fight.

A table and its operator get ready to rumble.

This table operator showing us what one wears to a table fight. (Her table won -- see next picture.)


The crowd, lubed on keg beer and salami pinwheels, takes it in.

Another punching table makes contact.

If you want to see more, again there are some, ahem, killer videos here. Enjoy!

Posted and images by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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