Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Website Down! - Update, Reflections, & Invitation

I just accidentally deleted Greenjeans website (!!!) before arranging to redirect traffic to the blog (!!!!!!)

Luckily I'd made a backup earlier, but still! Aaugh!!!!!!!

Just in case anyone noticed and is wondering!!

UPDATE & Reflection:

The webshop url (www.greenjeansbrooklyn.com) should start redirecting to the blog here (www.greenjeansbrooklyn.blogspot.com) in a matter of hours. I didn't realize it would be so easy to delete the website!

While I did indeed intend to take the site down today (*tear!*) and go back to my original blog-only web presence (more on that soon!), I'm a little sad that the site we worked so hard to design and build over so long is suddenly just gone!!

At the same time, change is in the air. And sometimes change comes before we think we're ready for it. But once it has happened, it feels good, even refreshing.

Besides, I'd rather my website go out with a bang than slowly fade away. Out-of-date websites lingering on the web are like abandoned houses.

So, it's on with the blog redevelopment. I'm writing new copy today and playing with new layouts. Ideas about the format are evolving along the way.

I'm again leaning toward renaming the blog, too....

Why change the name when "Greenjeans" has recognition and many people like it?

Because, well, why not? I've been looking for a way to refresh the blog, as well as my intentions for keeping it up, now that Greenjeans is no longer a retail concern. And I am intrigued by what it could be if I change it up...

I will still be blogging about craft, design, art, and sustainability, but there will be a new look and host, new sets of links (including former Greenjeans artists and craftspeople), and a refreshed group of categories.


I invite you to share your thoughts, if any, on this matter of revamping the blog.

Should I change the name?
What should the new format include?
What would YOU like to be reading about here?

Post your comments here, or email me at amy [at] greenjeansbrooklyn.com.

So. Although the website is no more, a new blog is on it's way. That sounds like a good progression to me. You?

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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