Friday, August 21, 2009

Afternoon Snacks!

Hideous or Fabulous?

Posted: 21 Aug 2009 11:40 AM PDT

Londong-based artist Fabien Cappello is making furniture from discarded Christmas trees. I appreciate the idea, but not sure I'd love it in my house... (Via HAUTE*NATURE)

Sarah Applebaum's Knit Art

Posted: 21 Aug 2009 11:38 AM PDT

Seeing this all about the blogosphere today. Fun and wonderful!! (Via HAUTE*NATURE)

Etsy Moving to Dumbo

Posted: 21 Aug 2009 11:27 AM PDT

It's out with the old (location) and in with the new -- they'll be at 55 Washington (down the street from my house!) starting next week. Welcome to the 'hood! (Via The Storque)

Retailers Optimistic for 2010

Posted: 21 Aug 2009 11:12 AM PDT

Things are looking up, folks! (Via LOHAS)

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