Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Stockings & Ornaments

Stockings & Ornaments
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"...The stockings were hung on the pegboard with care..."

Bring these one-of-a-kind handmade stockings and ornaments into your home and create new holiday heirlooms that you and your children—and their children!—will treasure.

The stockings are the coolest take on this Christmas tradition we've ever seen. They're made from appealing fabrics like silk shantung and soft cotton brocade. The colors are festive without screaming "Christmas" -- such a relief! Park Slope artisan Jennifer Lawrence (Rehash) makes them, and as with her pillows and curtains we have at Greenjeans, they're made from reclaimed fabrics.

We have two lines of ornaments, one in glass and one in turned wood.

The gorgeous flameworked blown glass ornaments are by Matt Eskuche (Ess Vetro) of Milwaukee. Matt’s ornaments are every bit as mysterious and enchanting as the perfume bottles and tiny lampworked dogs and nymphs that Greenjeans shoppers love.

The elegant turned wood ornaments are fashioned from exotic woods like zebrawood, tulipwood, and quilted maple. They are by Tom Dubois of Eliot, Maine, the artisan who also makes the much-admired ring boxes and yew wood vessels we have at the shop.

Embrace the warmth and soul of one-of-a-kind handmade holiday decorations – and remember: you won’t find them anywhere else in NYC!

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