Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Transit Strike Chic

Today the city's mass transit workers went on strike shutting down all subways and busses in all five boroughs. People trying to get into the city had to either car pool, ride their bike, or walk, making for a fairly dramatic morning commute. Granted it has been extremely inconvienent for people, but in another respect it's kind of chic -- practically like living in Paris!

Where we are in the southern end of Park Slope, Brooklyn, many people opted to skip work today rather than hike the several miles through the cold to their offices in Manhattan. But evidently, rather than stay home, they came out in force to holiday shop.

This was good news for Brooklyn shops like Greenjeans. Sales in Manhattan may have been down dramatically today, but us Brooklyn shops had nothing to complain about! In terms of foot traffic, today was the busiest day we've ever had. There was hardly a minute that passed when there wasn't someone in the shop looking around. Many said they were glad to have the opportunity to check out the local shops, and we'd have to agree with them.

We hope that the transit workers and the MTA are able to come to an amenable agreement very soon so that everything can get back to normal. But in the meantime, we hope local residents will take this opportunity to continue to enjoy the neighborhood. Because shopping locally is always chic.

(Thanks to Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn for picking up this post!)

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