Saturday, January 07, 2006

Easy, Pleasant Day at Greenjeans

Today was an easy, pleasant day at Greenjeans. Since the holiday frenzy is over and we've had time to recover, we are starting to get back to a more sustainable routine. Jae spent yesterday at the studio, and I had two days off this week, so we're finding more time for our own pursuits. And since there aren't as many people out shopping, those who do come in can take their time and really look at things, and we can talk with them more, which we like to do.

Today we arrived at noon and went down to the Italian cafe, Parco, for our usual croissant and double espresso. Actually today I had a latte, craving the hot sweet milk. As usual we spent the first hour or so at the shop with email and looking at the day's news. Customers drifted in and out casually browsing on their way to brunch. Our friend Amy N. came by and while she waited for her hair appointment at the salon down the street we talked about her new job at a small indy documentary film company that she happily starts on Monday.

Later on, Amy N. sent a man over whom she met at the salon and thought would like what we're doing here. Turned out he spends time in Maine and does some woodworking, so we talked about studio spaces in Brooklyn for wood working and how much of a range there is in the crafting world, from the fun, kitschy DIY stuff to masterful, museum-quality furniture. Jae went out to get more file folders and other organizing stuff so we can sort out our 2005 materials and make way for 2006, and I did a bunch of inventory stuff and other officy tasks.

At one point, a young Japanese woman came in, looked around, and left, then returned about a half hour later and bought a helicopter by Frank Ridley to send to her friend's new baby in Japan. I love it when people leave but then come back -- it means that the works we have here make an impression on them, stick in their minds.

And another woman came in who, last week with her husband, bought the armless Shaker Chair that I'll feature on the blog soon. It was a bit of an impulse buy for them -- they didn't have to deliberate it much. When a customer recognizes quality right away like they did it's very gratifying. She had come in to admire the stainless stell handbags again, which are what drew her in the first time.

Later in the day we had a visit from a woman who has been in a few times before and really resonates with the work we have in the shop. She takes her time and loves to handle the pieces. She is careful and thoughtful and kind and we love her visits. She bought one of the magic wands that Dan Dustin makes. It's a 14" long, gorgeously narrow piece of lilac that he carves with the grain so that it isn't perfectly straight but rather bends and arcs with the grain. She also chose a pair of earrings by Chelle Kraus that are cast from ginko leaves, and another pair by Erica Schlueter that are tiny pieces of silver riveted together sort of like books. On other visits, she has quickly spotted the finest pieces of pottery and scooped them up, all the while lamenting the state of her small apartment that is overcrowded with nice things. She's a poet and a school teacher nearby, though I'm not sure what she teacher. A really charming woman. We love her.

Later in the afternoon we were craving pizza because of an episode of West Wing we watched last night. (We're hooked on West Wing and are watching the whole series in order through Netflix. Last night we watched five episodes...) Then I returned Mary Anne Davis' call. She is really excited about the potential for the blog thing, and we seem to have a serious synergy in our mutual commitment to conscientious living and helping more and more people to be mindful of the world they live in and the choices they make. I hope one day we're able to do a book together...

Now it is nearly 7:00 and time to close. Jae is on the phone with his brother and I am, well, blogging. I don't know what our plans are tonight. I guess the night will take us where it wants. But it's likely that the night will end with at least on episode of West Wing. Oh if only Martin Sheen's character were the actual President...

So that's it, a typical day in the life of Amy Shaw and Jae Kim at Greenjeans. During the week there is more officy tasks and less socializing, but that isn't as interesting to write about. Or else it's a topic for another easy, low-key day's blog entry.

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