Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Snuggliest Blanket for Nights Like These

On nights like tonight, after trudging through the cold, damp morning to work, avoiding going out all day, then slipping and sliding back in the sleet and the dark, all you want when you come home is a nice warm... anything -- bath, slippers, tea...

...And blanket.

Because we all know there's nothing better on a night like tonight than curling up on the couch with your favorite movie/book and your favorite snuggling companion, be it animal, human, or stuffed.

Well, Greenjeans has the ultimate snuggling blanket for such nights as these. Handwoven from luxurious, gorgeously dyed fibers like mohair, wool, and silk, these throw blankets are simply the end. They are made in the Connecticut countryside by Patricia Burling, an established fiber artisan who began her career amidst the craftspeople of North Carolina.

Patricia draws inspiration from her natural surroundings to mix sumptuous color palettes for her weavings. Rich hues of red make up the Hibiscus blanket. Varigated greens, purples, and blues comprise the Heather-on-the-Moor blanket. Tones of celery, blush, and leaf create the Early Spring blanket, the coloring of which reminds me of celadon glazed pottery.

The blankets are a generous 48 x 76 inches with 12" long fringe at the ends, and they can be washed gently in the washing machine. Each one sells for $380, which may seem like more than one needs to spend for comfort, but these are superbly handmade works of fiber art that you can live with and use for your whole lifetime. And they are so elegant that when not wrapped around your shoulders they'll bring great warmth and color to your room hung on a peg or over a chair.

There's nothing better than art you can use, especially when it's so warm and fuzzy. Besides, you're worth it. Especially on nights like these.

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