Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sneak Peek at Colorful New Jewelry

After a very warm fall, the weather has turned legitimately chilly in Brooklyn. Today it's only about 50 degrees out, but tomorrow will be somewhat warmer and sunny, perfect for the New York City Marathon! (Good luck, Dag!!)

In contrast to this gray, cold day I wanted to give you a sneak peek at some brand new jewelry that arrived to Greenjeans this week. If you're tired of plain ol' metal and are looking for some COLOR to warm your winter days, we have some great pieces for you!

Most of them are double-sided, too, so you're getting two pieces in one. What more could a girl need?

At top right, new work by Alison Mackey (Mackey's Mark). The color in Alison's pieces come from the photographs of plants and flowers she takes, then cuts and sets into sterling silver bezels rendered in organic shapes. Most pieces reverse to a different color. The little double-circle pieces in the foreground are cufflinks!

Juicy new pieces by Lulu Smith. Lulu custom colors resin with artist's pigments and pours it into sterling silver bezels she has constructed in bold shapes. This new batch includes some fabulous rings!

Enamel pendants by Alana Dlubak. All of these pieces are double-sided, with a totally different color composition on the other side. Some are strung on pretty gold chains, and others on adjustable leather cords.

Once you own a colorful piece by Alison, Lulu, or Alana, you won't know how you ever accessorized without it!

I don't have them in our webstore yet, so if you can't come in personally but would like something you see here, shoot me an email (amy @ or call us at 718-907-5835.

Posted and photos by Amy Shaw.

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