Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wooden Toys are Great, but Do Kids Like 'Em?

Sometimes our customers ask if kids really like the classic wooden toys by Frank Ridley we sell. After all they aren't brightly colored, they don't show up in TV commercials, and they don't beep or buzz or otherwise perform for kids.

Well, I'll tell you -- every day, kids come in to Greenjeans and go half nuts over the toys. Their eyes light up, their fingers can't resist touching, and we've witnessed a fair share of tantrums over having to leave them all behind.

Case in point: This morning, friends David and Sherise came by with their 13-month-old Evan to purchase a toy as a gift for a friend's new baby. It didn't take Evan long to go into full play mode, testing out every truck and car and boat. As you can see, he literally got right into it! (No tantrum at the end, though.)

So if you're thinking of giving wooden toys to the young folks on your holiday list this year, never fear that they will be unpopular or unloved. Kids dig these simple toys that rely on their imaginations and innate sense of play rather than beep, flash, and instruct. And parents love them too because they look great, are non-toxic, and encourage more peaceful play.

Great seeing you guys today, and thanks for letting me take pictures of adorable Evan!

Posted and photos by Amy Shaw.

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sherise said...

We had so much fun stopping by! And it's pretty obvious that Evan had a ton of fun. He absolutely loves his Frank Ridley wooden cement truck. So much so that we couldn't wait to pick one out for our friend's baby. Thanks again. Sherise*David*Evan