Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last-minute New Arrivals!

We received two big boxes of stuffed toys by Judy Geagley today!

Humpty Dumptys, Heart Bunnies, and Flat Elephants are back in abundance.

And we have some new friends too! Made from recycled sweaters, the Baby Octopus (shown right), Seahorse, Duck, Starfish, and Knotty Pig are all soft and adorable. Come in to see for yourself! (Priced $15 - $34).

I've also included a picture here of the journals by Dennis Yuen we still have available. They are a perfect last-minute gift. ($44 - $78).

Today's the last day to order for shipment, so if there's something here you like, call us up! We'll accept phone orders until 7pm (718-907-5835).

Posted and photos by Amy Shaw.

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melania said...

i looove the octopie!!