Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Arrivals! (Sculpture, Scarves, Baskets)

We are getting new work in every single day now that the holidays are here. It's a very busy time for us, and I wish I could get everything online right away for you to see, but it's a challenge!

Here is a peek at brand new sculpture by Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie, fabric-covered journals and photo albums by Beth Riemer, soft, vibrant scarves by Susan Weltman, and a cornucopia of big beautiful baskets by Ray Lagasse.

Also in store, new jewelry in by Lisa Crowder, classic brooms by students at Berea College, and a great selection of non-toxic wooden toys by Frank Ridley.

Come shop at Greenjeans early to find the best selection of fabulous handmade holiday gifts for everyone on your list! To order or reserve something you see here, give us a call (718-907-5835) or email ( since these works are not in the online store yet...

At the top, new porcelain bottle sculptures by Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie of Ohio ($90 each).

Beautifully handwoven baskets with hardwood bottoms and lids by Ray Lagasse of New Hampshire ($80-$450, most around $150).

Journals and photo albums covered in reclaimed fabrics with expandable riveted bindings by Beth Riemer, a public school art teacher and Brooklyn native. Available in three sizes ($28, $40, and $52. Largest size not shown).

Hand-woven of silk, alpaca, and wool in the artist's Brooklyn studio, these luxurious scarves by Susan Weltman offer warmth and a rich punch of color ($80-$200).

Sculptural stoneware bottles by Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie ($90 each).

A set of three kinetic tile wall sculptures of ceramic, wire, and felted wool by Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie ($130 for set of 3).

A second set of kinetic wall tiles by Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie ($130 for the set).

Meant for the wall, not the table, these porcelain plates by Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie play with the concept of function in craft ($100 each).

Posted by Amy Shaw. Photos by Amy Shaw and Jae Kim.

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