Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Artisan! Soaps by Have Some Patience

We are very excited to be debuting a new line of rich, delicious soaps by Have Some Patience!

Patience Jones loved soaps and bath products, but disliked all the chemicals that make them lather up and smell so good. So about a year ago, in true DIY spirit, she started studying soap-making through books and online tutorials, and created this line of natural, deliciously scented soaps.

The six varieties sound more like farmer’s market treats than cleansers, which is a good thing. She even uses ingredients like molasses, honey, and annatto. In her tiny Manhattan kitchen she cooks up small batches of Spring Lettuce, Honey Rose, Milk Chocolate, Tangerine Fig, Orange Peel, and Bamboo.

They lather beautifully without chemical additives, and are prettily packaged, too.

The soaps are $10 per bar, or $40 for a gift box of 4, and you can purchases them in the shop or from Greenjeans Online. Needless to say, they would make fantastic Valentine's Day presents!

I am in love with the Honey Rose, and Patience likes the Milk Chocolate (which smells just like you could eat it), especially on a rainy day. Which will become your favorite?

Posted and photo by Amy Shaw.

Shout out to the lovely and talented Billie and Tootie of ReForm School. Thanks for stopping by today -- it was great meeting you!


Shelly said...

Thanks for the product review! I love using handmade soaps and found your product review very helpful.

KreatedbyKarina said...

I am a soap maker myself, and love this review==awesome scents!