Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Under-Cover" Comes Together

Today is the deadline for submissions to "Under-cover," our Winter exhibition of small quilts and new sculpture by Jane Kaufmann, and the emails keep rolling in!

Jane is all done with the series of 22 "bed" sculptures she made for the show. Each one features a figure tucked under a blanket. "Flower Bed" is festooned with roses, and from "Day Bed" her classic Sunman reaches up with a smile. Jae is driving up to NH to pick them all up on Tuesday, and we'll tuck them away until a few days before the show.

As for the quilt piece of the exhibition, we've received images of something like 80 quilts to consider, but with space to show less than half of them, Monday's selection process will be quite challenging. The pool is rich.

Brooklyn-based quilt maker Erin Wilson will be co-curating the show with us. We will email all submitters by midnight Monday to let them know if their quilt made the first round and should be sent to us for final decisions. Final selections will be emailed and announced here on the blog February 1.

Since we will not be able to exhibit all the quilts at Greenjeans for "Under-Cover," we will also create a Complete Submissions version available to view online. There you will find images of small quilts by about 45 quilt makers and artists from around the world who submitted, and in many cases created new work, for the exhibition.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted work -- it's going to be an amazing show of contemporary quilts from the classic to the inventive, and wow will it be colorful! Thank you to Jane for creating her new series for the show.

I hope you can come to the Opening Reception on February 6. Jane Kaufmann and some of the quilt makers will be in attendance and we'll have nice beverages and snacks to enjoy. It will be an effervescent evening!

(Update: Jane may or may not be able to come for the opening. Please call us around the date of the opening to find out if she'll be attending: 718-907-5835.)

In any case, stay tuned to the blog during the next several weeks to see pictures from the opening, pictures of all the works in the show (most will be available for purchase from Greenjeans' online store).

Until tomorrow!

Posted by Amy Shaw.
Photo: exhibition poster by Dick and Jane Kaufmann.

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