Thursday, June 12, 2008

Renegade Craft Fair & West Coast Visitors

This afternoon, just as I was about to post a reminder that the Renegade Craft Fair is this weekend...

Renegade Craft Fair
McCarren Park Pool
(Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
June 14 & 15, 11am-7pm

... the vintage craft genius Cathy Callahan (aka Cathy of California) and friends came by to check out the shop!

Cathy (second from left) and I know each other from the blogosphere and emails, but hadn't met before in person. I'm so glad to have met her today!

Cathy's friends from Portland came along for the visit. Of course I had to take their picture for the blog! At left and center here are Greg and Cathy Pitters (Cathy is the beat behind Bossa Nova Baby and runs Portland's monthly craft and art fair Crafty Wonderland), and at right are Ryan and Lucy Berkley (he of Berkley Illustration and she of Lucy Bird Photos).

They will ALL be at Renegade, so be sure to check their booths! They're all on Etsy too, natch.

We talked about how Portland is like the West Coast's Brooklyn (or is Brooklyn the East Coast's Portland?) and I helped them plot their route to check out Dumbo and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. We collectively hoped that it wouldn't rain this weekend -- the Renegade, being as it held in an old pool, tends to get a little flooded when it rains...

I won't be able to attend Renegade this year, as it's our LAST WEEKEND IN PARK SLOPE and we've got some serious packing to do, so I'm extra glad for this visit!

Thanks for making the trek, guys! Next year hopefully we'll be in a location that's way easier to get to...

Posted and photo by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
Owl is the Renegade Craft Fair's icon.

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Lucy Berkley said...

So great to meet you guys! Good luck with the move! We'll have to come back next year and find you to check out where you end up...