Monday, June 09, 2008

Tattoos Exposed at the Brooklyn Flea

"Wow, did you see that tattoo?"

"Woah, that's amazing! Hey look at that one, and THAT one!"

"Awesome! Jeez, it seems like EVERYONE has a tattoo in Brooklyn."

"Seriously! Or maybe, now that it's like 100 degrees out, we're just seeing more SKIN at the Flea..."

Hence the inspiration for this week's coverage of the Brooklyn Flea. From the vantage of Greenjeans' booth, Lumin and I shot surreptitious (and sometimes posed) pictures of the cornucopia of tattoos we saw on the glistening limbs of passers-by.

It helped keep our minds off the liquefying heat and the fact that sales were s-l-o-w -- evidently it was too hot to shop! We can hardly believe that two months ago we were bundled up in parkas...

We shot SO MANY interesting tattoos that I made a Flickr slideshow. But here are a couple to give you a taste -- I especially like the alphabet tattooed on the leg of our neighbor Reine and the ruler up the arm of her friend.

We're on hiatus from the Flea until July 13, but we'll see you there then!

Want to see more? Click here!
Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
Photos by Amy Shaw and Lumin Wakoa

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