Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pictures from 1st Brooklyn Flea

Recovered now from the first Brooklyn Flea and our subsequent blitz trip to NH, I have finally looked at the pictures I took on Sunday. I think I was too overwhelmed to take many good ones, but luckily others did, including Kathy Malone of fofolle who sneaked up behind me to take this shot in my fuzzy pink Chia Hat, and the one of Lumin and I in the booth, below. The blog Dumbo NYC posted great ones, too, especially of the crowd.

Without further ado!

Lumin and I womanning our booth. Jae made the sign. It is actually blue masking tape on board. He was going to paint in the letters, but ran out of time. So we hung it anyway. We may paint it yet, but it looks kinda good just the way it is... (Thank you, Kathy!)

Lumin tells a customer about the wooden toys by Greenjeans fave Frank Ridley. Flea shoppers snapped them up all day.

Other vendors included Re/Dress with their fantastic vintage dresses.

Our booth neighbors Daniel and Sylvana Rossi of Organic Light Sculptures showed amazing bamboo and LED light creations Daniel makes in his Brooklyn studio. They captured a lot of attention.

Bamboo flower lights that plug into your computer's USB port, by Organic Light Sculptures.

Flea co-founder (and Mr. Brownstoner) Jonathan Butler, left, looks through a bin of beautiful photography presented by the Fort Greene Photography Organization. Greenjeans' friend and member Marcia Lloyd is there at the right.

I loved the incredible collection of fabulously chic/ugly mid-century West German art pottery from GinFor's Odditiques.

This is just a teeny tiny sliver of the first Brooklyn Flea. Twenty thousand people passed through the gates during the day! Some of the food vendors had lines 30 people long! There were whoopie pies for sale! It was a blast!

I hope you'll be able to come see for yourself one of these weeks -- it's running every Sunday all spring and summer!

Photos (unless otherwise noted) and posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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