Monday, April 21, 2008

Brooklyn Flea Week Three

Yesterday we set up shop in Fort Greene for the third convening of the Brooklyn Flea. Like last week and the week before it was chilly and overcast, but Lumin and I know that the sun will come out one of these Sundays!

We went all fancy this week, opening up the booth, hanging muslin scrims, and rolling out some nice green astroturf. Snazzy, no?

Our idea for the Flea is to showcase different artisans and designers every week, and this week we featured Shaker-influenced work. We presented Brian Braskie's Shaker chairs, David Emerson's Shaker peg boards and wooden totes with handcut dovetails, and flat brooms (invented by Shakers) by students at Berea College (all of which I need to get into the Online Shop!).

We also brought back Frank Ridley's wooden toys and Whit McLeod's Wine Barrel Folding Chair, which continue to be popular items with Flea shoppers. As you can see here, kids loved testing out the rocking horse!

Set up and take down are getting easier and easier, and we feel like we're starting to get the hang of it. It's kind of like camping, but without the mosquitoes and you actually WANT to see people pass by your campsite...!

Hope you'll pass by next week!
Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans. Photos by Jae Kim.

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