Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wine Barrel Chair's New Side Kick Table!

It's as if they were reading your minds...

Today Whit McLeod Furniture sent over pictures of their brand new Side Kick Table to go with their ever-popular Wine Barrel Folding Chairs! We are thrilled to be the first retailers to offer them, which means YOU are getting the very first chance to purchase one of your own!

Like the chairs, the Side Kick Table is made from reclaimed oak wine barrels. (In fact, they can get 2 chairs and 2 tables out of each barrel -- so efficient!)

All of the metal is from the bands that hold the barrels together, including the rivets in the feet. Not to be outdone, the newer rivets in the upper part of the table are the same as those used by the coopers who originally made the barrels. (We're big fans of rivets here at Greenjeans. Big thumbs up on that detail, guys!)

The top of the table is available in either the wine-stained wood or with the cooper's brand mark, your choice.

We've had LOTS of requests for a table to go with the chair, and I'm so excited that McLeod has designed such a great piece! It's a table "worthy of the finest stem ware, yet perfectly comfortable with jelly jar tumblers." And like the chairs, it works indoors or outdoors.

Our first order is on its way, and they will be priced at around $235 (provided shipping costs are as we expect.) If you want one right away, call or email us to reserve it. I have a feeling they're gonna be HOT!

(Thanks, Kristy & Whit!)

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans. Image courtesy of Whit McLeod Furniture.

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