Friday, July 25, 2008

Gobal Warming Tried to Wreck My Town

NH was hit by intense storms yesterday, including what appears to be a tornado that went through my hometown of Northwood and up to Lake Winnipesaukee. One woman was killed, a dozen injured, 50-100 houses damaged or destroyed, and countless trees splintered and fallen.

Back up -- tornado?! Yes, Kansas-like weather in New Hampshire.

While one meteorologist quoted by the AP claims one or two small tornadoes touch down in NH every year, no one in that area has ever seen anything like what happened yesterday.

A vivid reminder that erratic weather patterns are a symptom of global warming and climate change. (Much like the very tropical weather we've been having in NYC this summer with strobe-light lightening and ravishing rain.)

I wonder why our country hasn't declared War on Climate Change. If this destruction was the act of a terrorist, or even if it was caused by smoking, you know there'd be a war declared. And this is nothing compared with the devastation caused by recent hurricanes in the south or the floods in the midwest. Can't we organize to fight this too??

Today NH will be filled with the sounds of chainsaws hacking up the fallen trees for firewood as everyone recovers from what one witness described as "three minutes of hell."

We work with a lot of craftspeople who live in those parts, and Jae and I hope everyone's ok.

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
Image sourced here of a stretch of road a mile near my Dad's house.

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John Zentner said...

i figure it went right over our apartment on Rt.4 before touching down and travelling East to West across Northwood Lake before causing the destruction in Deerfield and Epsom. there was no warning. all of a sudden it got dark and then windy and about an inch of rain in 10 min.. we are fine but in disbelief. this kind of thing doesn't happen in N.H.. at least not 'til now ..........