Saturday, November 01, 2008

NYC Marathon & NO Flea on Sunday

The NYC Marathon is tomorrow (Sunday, Nov. 2), which means 2 things if you're in or around NYC:

1) There is NO Brooklyn Flea this weekend, as the route goes right past the market grounds, and

2) You don't want to miss coming out to experience one of the most invigorating, inspiring, and energetic events of the year!

I LOVE watching the marathon, and usually find a spot along Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg where the atmosphere is festive and a funky brass band plays.

In fact, there are few things more cathartic for me than watching all those thousands of runners striving down the street. I love to call out their names or their country or whatever is written on their tops, and inevitably at some point I start to cry through my cheering -- it's just so beautiful and overwhelming to me!

The marathon's website has a thorough guide to viewing the race live, including a bunch of good viewing spots.

Go runners!
Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
Image of lead men running through Queens sourced here.

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