Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Correction and Apology

I must proffer a burningly red-faced correction to my previous post:

West Elm did not plagerize Roger Benton's design of the three-tiered side table. It was, quite openly, somewhat the other way round.

It's all explained in this interview with Benton for the blog Brooklyn Modern from September 2008... an interview I read, obviously not with great care, months ago.

"BrooklynModern: How did you arrive at this particular design?

"Roger Benton: I came up with this design while flipping through an old West Elm cataloge out of boredom at my laundromat. There was a table with three stepped tiers, but it was very square and boxy, made of m.d.f. or something. I kind of adapted the basic shape to a solid wood format, and I wound up drawing about five different versions of it. I finally settled on a plan, but as soon as I cut the first piece of wood I started changing features, adjusting things; the final product looks way different than the final drawing."

Great thanks to "Pia" for posting the comment to my blog and setting the record straight.

My apologies to West Elm for the insinuation it was stealing design ideas.

And to Roger for any unwanted attention it might have drawn.

Next topic: "Are Brooklyn Craft Bloggers Too Quick to Judge Corporate Design Stores?"

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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