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Complete List of Etsy Picks - Virtual Valentine's Shopping Spree

After last week's Shop Live event, Etsy posted some of my picks, but if you'd like to see all of my selections here you go -- a little virtual shopping for you!

They're arranged in parts, and descriptions follow the links. (If the links don't work, the item has sold.) Enjoy!

Part 1: Valentine’s date outfit for a cute Italian spot in the East Village
1. Dark grey organic cotton jersey dress with gathered front by Emily Ryan in Portland, OR
This dress looks soft and comfortable, but is stylishly sculptural at the same time. It would work over a long-sleeved tee shirt and leggings for cooler months, as well as on its own in the summer, and can be dressed up or down. The perfect garment, really. Plus it’s made from organic cotton jersey.

2. Large hoops with red detail by Muscovie in San Francisco, CA
Although resin isn’t exactly eco-friendly – in fact artists who work in synthetics like resin or polylmer clay really have to be careful about ventilation because the fumes are quite toxic -- but I have loved her jewelry for years, and these hoops are perfect with the rest of the outfit.

3. Red retro handmade shoes by zerkahloostrah in Holyoke, MA
Although I don’t actually own a pair, I LOVE handmade shoes. These are really amazing, and I’d wear them to death!

4. Poppy clutch by Shakuyaku in San Diego, CA
Lends a nice burst of holiday-appropriate color to go against the dark grey dress. Plus I’m one of those people who is crazy for anything with poppies on it!

5. Bent wooden (curly Anigre) bracelet by Bent On Wood in Hornby Island, BC (pictured above right)
Wooden jewelry is so underrated. This cuff is the kind of thing I could see myself wearing every day.

6. Squirt recycled aluminum can pendant by Funky Recycling in Las Vegas, NV
I don’t usually go for pop stuff like this, but for a Valentine’s Day accessory it’s fun, and gives a little low-brow irreverence to the rest of the outfit. (What’s Squirt, anyway?)

Part 2: Valentine’s brunch with mother-in-law at the Met

7. Pink organic cotton shift dress with scalloped neckline by Brook There in Portland, ME
This is a fantastic dress. A softer taken on the classic shift, the lines here are long and elegant and I’ve been a sucker for scalloped necklines since the 80s. The most surprising thing is that it’s made from organic cotton. A very bold but versatile piece.

8. Gold brocade clutch by Sows Ear Bags in Portsmouth, UK
This bag is the perfect compliment to the dress, and adds a nice vintage feeling to the outfit.

9. Revamped vintage red and yellow bead necklace by Divine Rose in Sydney, AUS (pictured above left)
The artist who made this piece uses old vintage earrings and brooches to build great necklaces and bracelets. While the red beads might be a little loud against the pink dress, I just love it, especially with the yellow beads.

10. Revamped blue and yellow bracelet by Divine Rose in Sydney, AUS
When the dress is so quiet, you can go louder with accessories. So why not do the necklace AND the bracelet? With all that, though, I’d probably not wear any earrings at all, or else just tiny little studs.

Part 3: Valentines Presents for Others (and also myself)

11. Organic Milk Chocolate Florentines by Baked by the Lake, Tahoe City, CA (pictured right)
Ok, listen up Husband: I’ve had enough boxes of Jacques Torres to last me a lifetime. This year, how about a batch of these awesome-looking cookies! They look like those Pepperidge Farm Brussels cookies, but really really really good. Like I could eat them all. Right now.

12. Gold & floral Boots by Woland and Moon
These are absolutely insanely incredible handmade boots. They might even work with the grey dress. I’d wear them once for my Valentine’s date, then send them to my little sister who is a burgeoning bluegrass/rock star in Maui. (Hmm, do they wear boots in Maui? Maybe I should just keep ‘em…)

13. Arm warmers by Fairie Moon in Albany, NY
Ok, these are also for me. But when I’m sitting here at my desk like I am right now, my wrists sure get cold… They’re felted and sewn lambs wool from a reclaimed sweater.

14. Green flower satin bobby pins by Traxa in Lisbon, Portugal
I came across these sweet little hair pins and couldn’t resist adding them to the mix. They’d also make a nice present for a little girl.

15. Aqua quilled paper earrings by Paper Delights in San Jose, CA
When I was a kid, I discovered an old quilling kit at my grandmother’s house and spent the next few weeks twirling narrow strips of blue paper around and around the little stylus making scads of useless round flowers. This quilling artist has turned her twirls into rather sophisticated looking jewelry. Paired with the right outfit, these earrings would look absolutely regal. Maybe for my Great Aunt.

16. Skull ring by Bad Ass Jewelry in Toronto (pictured left)
My husband has always wanted a great skull ring, like Keith Richards’. Maybe this would fit the bill.

17. Tiny USB Rechargeable Handmade Light Seeking Robot with Reverse - BEAM - Phototropicus Type 1, from Eastern TN
This is so damn cool. A little light-seeking robot by husband and wife team of artists, inventors, and builders, Middle Creek Merchants. Also for Husband. (pictured right)

18. Terrarium pendants by Warm Country Meadows in Fayetteville, PA
I would like to keep a stockpile of these and give them to every little kid I meet. They’re fascinating!

19. Milky Way Cowl by Fringe in San Diego, CA
This is for Omma (my mother-in-law) who love knitted things and whose house is always a little too cold. She often wears a scarf around her neck, but this piece would keep her warm without the ends getting in the way. Plus it’s very pretty.

Part 4: Love for My Apartment

20. Hedgerow vinyl wall decal by Elly Nelly in NYC
When my friend Rena Tom of Rare Device left her Brooklyn location, which was right next door to Greenjeans in Park Slope, she gave me a set of abstract green flower wall decals that I’d admired. I recently arranged them in my bathroom and love them. Now I want more! Etsy has lots, like this lovely hedgerow, that’s available in any color. The reason they’re so great is that you can hang them wherever you like, remove them when you move away or get sick of them, and don’t have to repaint the wall. So while vinyl is not exactly an eco-friendly material, the fact that they can be used over and over does have its advantages.

21. Woven Felt Rug by Feel Design in Oregon
I love texture and natural colors. This rug is a study in both. I would put it in my bedroom.

22. Three terrariums by Lady Farrah in Oakland, TN
While browsing Etsy by category, I saw there’s a Plants and Edibles category. I’m interested in terrariums lately. These would make a really nice housewarming or even Valentine’s present for a country girl like me who sometimes misses the textures and colors of the woods.

23. Antoine Tries His Best to Impress Babette, by Viv Strauss in Portland, OR (pictured left)
I’m a fan of comic/narrative/ironic embroidery. This is a fine specimen. (Strauss’ work in upcoming Forget Me Not embroidery show at Gallery Hanahou.)

24. Poetry chapbook by Lady Pajama
I like chapbooks and artist books and zines of certain ilk. This one looks promising, and the author sounds to be very dedicated to the form.

Coda: Finds too Far Out Not to Mention
25. Real squirrel foot earrings from Louisiana

26. Rustic Deer Hoof Gun, Hat, or Coat Rack on Hickory Log from… doesn’t say where

27. Rex, the Mardi Gras Alligator, by Dead Men Telling Tales from “The Night”

Thanks again, Etsy!

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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