Monday, March 16, 2009

Announcement - Greenjeans Webshop to Close

As announced in today's issue of the Greenjeans Gazette and this weekend to all Greenjeans artists, we have come to a decision about Greenjeans Webshop. Indeed there has been a change in plans.

In my last newsletter, I announced that while we are holding off opening a new space, we would keep both the blog and the webshop going. The blog most certainly will continue. I enjoy it immensely and love how it gives me an outlet for sharing my point of view and a way to participate in the community.

However, after exhaustive deliberation and soul-searching, Jae and I have decided to close Greenjeans Webshop. We were actually developing plans for expanding the Webshop, but slowly I realized that my heart wasn’t in it. I loved having the physical space where I could make exhibitions and interact with people, maintaining the webshop as one component. But selling only online and promoting a web-only store is a completely different kind of business, and while I believe it is viable, it turns out I’m simply not as interested in it.

I still want to open a new space one day, but until that is possible the best thing for me is to move on and do something else.

Now, part of our mission has always been to help support artist’s careers, so I intend to keep parts of the website live and provide links to the artist’s websites, most of which list retailers around the country who carry their work.

I am by no means leaving the craft world. I will be taking up more writing, speaking, and curating projects, participating in events, and covering shows for the blog. So please keep in touch with your news!

For many of us change is hard, and I for one certainly have not taken to this decision easily. Though they say it's better to have loved and lost, it's still very painful to let go of a dream. However I do look forward to carrying on in the craft world in new capacities.

As for me and Jae, we will be forever grateful for the experience of running Greenjeans. And, even though we still are both job searching, we are happy and healthy and feeling the promise and hope that comes with spring thaw. Every hint of warm weather and appearance of spring color cheers us, and our hope floats on.

Thank you for your continued interest, your gracious support, and for your understanding. Stay tuned...

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
Image: detail of Spring Thaw Sale flyer I made from paint samples.

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