Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Snacks (Big Idea Edition)

It's Friday - enjoy the snacks!

Aesthetic Flow blogger (and old childhood friend), Alison posted about these evocative driftwood sculptures from Japan by Manabu and Kinue Kamioka. (Anyone know more about them?)

Ever wondered how subway tunnels are made? With one of these!! This one's currently being used to extend the 7 line in NYC. (Via Gothamist)

I grew up watching This Old House, and when the PBS show decided to tackle a project in "Brownstone Brooklyn" it seemed, well, kinda far-out! Here's an interview Norm Abrams, who gives his take on renovating in the city. (Via Gothamist)

The DIY-Project-of-the-Month award goes to this guy, who built a full-on roller coaster in his back yard! Hardcore!! (Via Dude Craft)

I looooove ricotta cheese, and usually get my fix from Salvatore Brooklyn. But I just might try making my own sometime. Here's a great, easy-sounding how-to, along with a recipe for heavenly lemon ricotta pancakes. Yum! (Via Craftzine)

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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