Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gary Haven Smith at Cynthia Reeves Gallery, NYC

Our friends Gary Haven Smith and Susan Pratt-Smith were in town last week for the opening of Gary's new exhibition at Cynthia Reeves Gallery in Chelsea.

Gary and Susan live and work in my hometown, Northwood, NH. Susan is a glass artist; some of her wearables are available in our webshop.

Gary makes amazing sculpture from stone, working with a huge diamond-studded lathe with which he's able to transform rocks and boulders into lithe, sinewy forms.

I didn't get to take many pictures -- we arrived late and they were literally turning the lights off on us! -- but here are a couple of shots.

Susan and Gary both looked great and so does the show. Congratulations, Gary!

The two-person show also features atmospheric minimalist paintings by Gudrun Mertes-Frady. On view thru April 25.

For pictures of Gary and Susan's studios, see the Virtual Studio Visit with Susan Pratt-Smith and Gary Haven Smith I posted here last summer.
Posted and images by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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