Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Extreme Easter Bonnets

The annual Easter Parade in NYC is a great place to see the stylings of New York's craftiest. It's amazing the work that goes into some of these hats!

Thanks to Gothamist for posting a bunch of great pics!

And did you know, the Easter Parade is the largest spontaneous annual gathering of New Yorkers? It happens every year without permits, organizers, or announcement. The police just know to come and protect paraders from traffic.

It started back in the 19th century when rich upper east siders flowed forth from the big midtown churches in their Easter finery and walked back up to their fancy homes for dinner. In a time before glossy magazines telling us what's hot-or-not, the prols would come out to look at what the rich were wearing as a glimpse into trends to come.

Today, though, it's more like a more upbeat, springtime version of Halloween.

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
Images via Gothamist.

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