Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Artisan: Whit McLeod

Look what arrived at Greenjeans today! These are chairs made from reclaimed wine barrel staves by Whit McLeod, a furniture maker in Arcata, CA. All the chairs are built by Whit, his partner Kristy Kun, and two other craftsmen in their Arcata workshop. His patented folding design makes for a very versitile piece that looks as great in the living room as on the deck. They're affordable -- we're selling them for $160 each and will deliver them for free within NYC. They smell amazing -- a mix of earthy, woodsy, and piquant (a scent which will fade but opening the boxes was quite a pleasure!) And it is COMFORTABLE. Because, no matter what some designers want you to think, life is just too short for uncomfortable chairs.

Inspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement, Whit makes many other designs as well from reclaimed and salvaged wood (including douglas fir and redwood besides the wine oak). I love their Morris chair, and this end table with copper tiled top (see pix at bottom).

We have only the folding chairs in stock right now, but all other pieces are available to order. And as with most items at Greenjeans, you won't find 'em anywhere else in the area.

Their artisan's statement reads like a page torn from Greenjeans' philosophy book:

"We believe in the importance of a reverence toward our natural resources and strive to use the materials in a way that preserves and enhances the original workmanship of each piece. The straight-forward designs and honest construction found in the furniture of the Arts & Crafts Movement have therefore become the inspiration for our furniture. Through my original designs I feel we capture the heart of the Arts & Crafts Movement while preserving the provenance of the wood in a piece of furniture to be cherished for generations."

You can see why we were attracted to their work -- not only is it beautiful (the patina on the wood from age and use is luminous and lovely) and useful (all the pieces are solidly made and comfortable), but the McLeod's are obviously conscientious artisans who want to make wonderful work while leaving as small an ecological footprint as possible.

We are delighted and honored to welcome Whit & Kristy's inspired work to Greenjeans!

Wine Oak End Table with Copper Tiled Top

Wine Oak Spindle Morris Chair with Leather Upholstery

Wine Oak Dining Table

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