Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Your Mom loved it when you gave her things you'd made yourself as a kid. Nowadays, you probably don't have time to make her a pinch pot, but you can still give her something beautifully handmade with lots of heart from Greenjeans! Here are some suggestions for gifts your Mom will love:

A view down the street of a New Hampshire village by Jane Kaufmann ($125)

She'll find tons of uses for these woven baskets with hardwood bottoms by Ray Lagasse ($75-$180)

Ever-popuar silver and gold jewelry by Erica Schlueter ($36-$160)

Pretty celadon porcelain tea set by Kit Cornell ($225)

Fun porcelain juice cups, mugs, bowls, and plates by Mary Anne Davis ($16 - $66)

Colorful fused glass coasters by Trio Design to protect that coffee table ($25/pair)
We also have butter dishes, serving platters, and candy dishes by Trio

Carved wooden spoons by Dan Dustin that transform "slaving over a hot stove" into a more pleasant and artful experience ($45-$90)

Homey pottery vases just the right size for a desk or window sill ($15-$30)
Waterlily orb by Jane Kaufmann ($32)
Handbound book by Dennis Yuen ($36)

New pottery bowls for soup, salad, and cereal ($20-$40)

More lovely handcrafted jewelry by various artisans ($30 - $128)

"Super Mom" story sculpture by Jane Kaufmann (partial view, $250)
Remember, Moms love Jane's fingerpuppets, including Super Mom, Mom with Baby, and Gardener ($24/ea)

Canterbury Rocker by Brian Braskie in cherry, a very fine and special gift ($1150, 6-8 weeks lead time)

Stop in to find lots more jewelry, baskets, mugs, crockery, handbound books, and lots of other things Moms love!

We're open Tuesday-Sunday 12-7pm, or call to place an order.

And an early Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there from Greenjeans!

PS - This is our 100th blog posting! Woo hoo!

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