Sunday, May 14, 2006

New Work by Matt Eskuche

If Matt Eskuche's flameworked blown glass had a soundtrack, it would be a mix of funky '60s lounge, 1920's Parisian caberet, and Ali Farka Toure. Mysterious and precious with a distinct sense of cool, his work hints at a retro futuristic look as well as the Vienna Secession, but ultimately creates an aesthetic all its own.

Eskuche, whose professional moniker is Ess Vetro (which means "eat glass"), lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, though he travels all over the world to teach and give demonstrations. His fine, unusual work is available in NYC exclusively at Greenjeans.

Cordial glasses ($44/ea.)

Peacock montage vase ($320); Small molecule ($80)

Large molecule ($120); Saturn cup ($80); Horizon cup ($90)
(Cups are about 7" tall and make great vases)

Nymph ($150)

Perfume bottles ($32-$130)

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