Saturday, June 24, 2006

At Last, The Display Cases!

Yesterday my Dad (Dick Shaw) and Jae installed the display cases that Jae and I designed and Dad built. They're made from 18" wide pine board planed by a guy in Deerfield, NH, tons of bumble bee yellow and pear green paint, and a whole lot of love. Next week we'll install halogen lights to brighten the cases and make things really pop!

This means that the beloved French door we'd found on the street and had been using to display things on is no longer living here at Greenjeans. It has moved on to grace the apartment of our friends Regan and Anders. We'll miss it, but not the sawhorses that held it up for so very long!

Also yesterday, Old Time Dave Talmage, an up-and-coming fiddle player who came down with my Dad from NH to see his girlfriend play a gig at the Living Room, gave us a wonderful in-store concert as Dad and Jae worked. I can't imagine a better situation -- new display cases, live bluegrass music, and love all around us! Here are some pictures, and come on by to check out the cases!


Mad said...

They look great! Have fun putting precious treasures in them.

shawn said...

The display case looks great! Look forward to see them in person.