Thursday, June 29, 2006

Travels Near and Far

It's summertime, and it seems like everyone is planning wonderful trips to interesting places near and far. For some the destination is a distant country (or several), for others the destination is right here at Greenjeans.

Among the latter, today I had an unexpected visit from my dear cousin Melinda who lives in my hometown of Northwood, NH (pictured here). She had taken her younger daughter Marcy to upstate New York for cooking camp and had a day to kill, so she intrepidly took the train into Manhattan and then even more intrepidly took the subway to Park Slope, and made it to the shop in one delightful piece! We spent a couple of hours talking and looking at beautiful work in the shop, until it was time for her to make the trek back. Besides my Dad and Sister, she's the only one of my family members who has been able to visit the shop, so she was here as a kind of good will ambassador. Such fun!

As for travels afar, two of our favorite customers who have become friends, Monica and Simon, are heading off tomorrow for a one-year backpacking expedition around the globe! They are starting in Dublin, then going to Italy, Greece, India, Cambodia, Australia, Japan, and just about everywhere in between before taking the Trans-Siberian Railroad from China to Moscow, and finishing things up in Europe. And to boot, they just got hitched on June 18, so this will be quite an amazing honeymoon! The only sad part is that they'll be relocating in San Francisco upon their return, but that's why we are setting up e-commerce...!

Today Monica and Simon came in for one last gift purchase and told me that the felted wool ball by Feltworks they got at Greenjeans (see picture) will be among the few things they take with them. Much to our honor, they want to take pictures of it around the world, so watch the blog for updates of the Adventures of the Felted Wool Ball! I'll link to their travel blog, too, for those of you who'd fancy taking a vicarious international trip.

As for Jae and I, we are traveling somewhere on Sunday for a day trip with Jae's Mom, but we don't yet know where. Storm King perhaps? Melinda mentioned that Marcy is going cherry picking tomorrow with her camp and that sounds like fun to me. Maybe we could go cherry picking and visit some vineyards upstate...? In July we're going to NH to bring back work for the shop. And in August we're going to Milwaukee for my dear friend Sam's wedding and to visit artisans Erica Schlueter and Janice Ho. Other than that, I'm hoping to get at least one beach day in this summer, which would be 100% more beach days than I got last summer!

In any case, we wish you all lovely trips this summer, whether they be to an exciting new country or just up to the Park for a little greenery and sunshine. Or, of course, to Greenjeans!

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Mad said...

If you guys want to come here, we could go strawberry picking!