Friday, June 09, 2006

Loads of New Arrivals!

This week we received new work by, count 'em, NINE artisans, four of whom are brand new to Greenjeans!

Work by New Artisans:
(Look for introductions to these new artisans soon...)

:: Felted wool bowls, boxes, and balls (you gotta see these!) made in Ohio by Feltworks
:: Hardwood cutting and serving boards made in Pennsylvania by Buff Brown
:: Fresh silver art jewelry made in Boston by Melle Finelli (shown above)
:: Precious, mysterious ceramic jars made in San Francisco by Barbara Sebastian

New Work by Favorite Artisans:

:: Connie Verrusio - cufflinks (mini gears), earrings (film, mini gyroscopes), and pendants (silver castings of the insides of seashells)
:: Matt Eskuche - more black glass dogs (these are slightly bigger than earlier ones)
:: Wendy Stevens - stainless steel picture frames (up to 4" x 6") and barrettes
:: Kimberly Navratil-Pope - new designs involving plant fiber, silver, bakelite, and Cracker Jack boxes (not necessarily at the same time)
:: Sol Mate Socks - a fresh new batch!!

Recent additions also include work made by Brooklyn-based jeweler Alison Mackey who creates cheerful, wearable jewelry from photographs framed in silver under clear resin (her pendants are especially fabulous); and elegant botanical jewelry made in Madison, WI, by Janice Ho (her craftsmanship is mind-boggling).

It's going to be a gorgeous weekend, so come on by and discover what's new at Greenjeans!

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