Thursday, July 06, 2006

Greenjeans In-Store Upgrade Complete!

Today Jae helped Dad complete work installing halogen lights in the display cases he built, the final element in our store interior upgrade! The results are smashing -- see for yourself!

Happy Dad!

All the lights are quite dazzling, really.

Dad inspecting the results.

Happy shopkeepers!

Dad and Jane Kaufmann's Carpenter finger puppet sharing a moment.

I promised Dad that next time he comes down it won't be for pro bono work, but instead we'll go play in the City. And maybe we'll go for dinner again at Taku where last night we feasted in the garden on flights of saki, fluke sashimi, and succulent angus steak that Dad pronounced "goes down like cookies." Mmmm, cookies!


rena said...

ok, that's it. send your dad on over to put some lights in my shop. pleeeeeease!

Mad said...

Looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it in person-