Sunday, July 23, 2006

Unpacking the Boxes: First Look at What's New

Here's a first look at some of what was inside all those many many boxes that arrived earlier this week from the north country. We sold a few pieces before I could even snap a picture of them -- there are some serious pottery collectors out there who like to get first dibs. But what you see here is available now. And it's really strong, beautiful work. Enjoy the snapshots!

I also wanted to mention again that Greenjeans has taken on summer hours -- we're open Wed-Sun 12-7, and are closed Mondays and Tuesdays now through August. (Oooh, beach, here I come!!)

Sculptural, functional teapots made in NH by Jeff Brown
Another teapot and mugs by Jeff Brown
Wonderful new large orb by Jane Kaufmann
Some of the gorgeous new bowls by Kit CornellWe're restocked with ever-popular teabowls and big mugs by Kit Cornell
This Doat vase by Kit Cornell is like something right out of an Art Nouveau studio
And we're flush with toys again!! We've got almost everything back in stock, along with some new ones.
Hooray for toys!

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