Thursday, July 13, 2006

Celebrate Brooklyn & Manhattanhenge

Today friend and bookmaker Dennis Yuen sent me a scan of a very nice mention we received in Encore Magazine's Celebrate Brooklyn playbill this summer. He'd told us he'd seen the write-up of Greenjeans in the mag a couple weeks ago, but we hadn't actually seen a copy yet. Now it's up in the window! Thanks to Lisa LeeKing for interviewing us and including us in her piece, "Shopping with a Conscience," along with the image of our wine barrel folding chair. The text is below.

Also, I read this week in New York Magazine that TONIGHT us New Yorkers will be able to witness the last night of "Manhattanhenge," the perfect aligning of the sunset down the dead center of each Manhattan street. It happens every year from the end of May until around now, and the best place to view this phenomenon is probably right in Manhattan. I'd never heard of it before, but I love these sorts of ocurrances, and may have to venture over the river after work to see this for myself...

So in case there are any druids living in NYC who happen to be reading this blog, Happy Manhattanhenge Day!

Shopping with a Conscience, by Lisa LeeKing
Encore Magazine, July 2006

"Environmental consciousness is everywhere. The city has 24 hybrid taxis and several electric busses. Al Gore is enjoying a political comeback, thanks to the new global warming movie An Inconvenient Truth. Remember, we can stay green and have fun doing it—by shopping! Saving the earth can be as simple as purchasing items constructed from durable materials, like 100% cotton, and supporting local artisans.

“In Park Slope, husband and wife team Jae Kim and Amy Shaw showcase items by people they know. Greenjeans… pays homage to Amy’s mother; it’s named after her favorite [kid’s TV show] character [Mr. Greenjeans from Captain Kangaroo]. Handmade toys, furniture, hand-bound books, stuffed animals and pottery line the shelves and floor. Every product comes with a story. If you purchase a cute, stuffed bear, you’ll learn about Kentucky artisan Judy Geagley, who constructed it from a recycled sweater. Perhaps you’d prefer an adjustable chair, built from the staves of a wine barrel. It’s not only extremely comfortable, but versatile. It can be converted into an easel or as a firewood holder. While checking out the chair’s comfort factor, read [Whit] McLeod’s bio. A former biologist turned furniture maker, his one-of-a-kind chairs, complete with wine stains, are a great gift or conversation piece ($160 delivered). Such distinct items, as well as beautifully crafted toys constructed from unfinished wood, make shopping fun and memorable. It’s the perfect store for wedding or baby shower gifts, or for anyone who favors customized furniture and table settings.”

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