Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today at Greenjeans - Wonderful Visits & New Work

We had lots of wonderful visits today at Greenjeans. It's a gorgeous day and everyone is out and about enjoying the neighborhood.

Early in the afternoon, two friends named Amy and Andrea came in to look around, and fell in love with the stunning dichroic glass drop earrings we have by Susan Pratt-Smith. As it turns out, they have been friends since age 7 and are now celebrating their ??th birthdays. So they decided to purchase a pair for each other as a birthday gift. I love that! And I know Susan would too.

Something I've wanted to do for a while now is take pictures of some of our customers just for fun. Amy and Andrea are my first subjects! See them here showing off their fabulous new birthday earrings! (Thanks, ladies!)

Later in the day, local jeweler Alison Mackey came by to bring some fresh new pieces for the shop. (That's Alison at the left.) To make her work, Alison starts with photographs she takes and sets shaped details of them in sterling silver bevels, then seals them with clear resin. Her pendants and earrings, most of which are double-sided, are bold and pretty and they feel like seastones in your hand. Here are some pictures of the bounty of new pieces at the shop now.

It has been a great day, but we have to close promptly at 7 to catch an 8:00 curtain at City Center. Jae and I have been going to the Fall for Dance series there, seeing amazing performances by a multitude of different dance companies from around the world for a mere $15 a ticket. Good stuff!

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elleabelle said...

I love her pieces...does she have a website??