Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Away to the North Country

Just a note to say that Jae and I are going to be away Wednesday-Sunday this week. We're going up to New Hampshire for the wedding of a dear old friend, and then to somewhere in Vermont to celebrate our own one-year wedding anniversary. (I can hardly believe it's been a year already!)

In the meantime, stop in on Thursday or Friday to meet Alison Mackey who will be minding the store. Alison is a wonderful local jewelry maker who sets her own photographs of flowers and plants into silver bezels and seals them under clear resin. She can show you her fabulous work at the shop in person!

We will be open on Saturday, but will possibly be closed on Sunday. Jae and I will be back in the shop as usual on Tuesday.

And next week look for actual items to be available to buy via e-commerce on the website!! It's growing...!

Happy long weekend!

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