Monday, October 23, 2006

Greenjeans Blog Highlights

Here are links to some highlights from the blog written over the past year:

Writings On "Craft"

History of Craft: Toward a New Craft World Order

How the art/craft/design debate is relevant, and a call to reclaim "craft"

History of Craft: An Initial Overview
Where it all began...

Craft & Art Crossing Over
Where knitting and sculpture meet

Two Craft Worlds
Thinking about youthful, indie-spirited craft compared with old-school craft.

Esquire Magazine Reveals the Future of Craft?!

“My father rode a camel. I drive a car. My son rides in a jet. His son will ride a camel.”

Radical(izing) Craft
Looking for the edges of craft

Review: The Renegade Craft Fair
I went, I saw, I blogged

Craft, Consumer Culture, & Ecology

Consumer Culture: Dollar Voting
The politics of shopping

Consumer Culture: Mass-Produced Indiviudality
A call to return to small-scale production

Consumer Culture: Branding Peace
Is there a place for peace in consumer culture?

What Does "Green" Mean?
Is living "green" possible?

Buy Quality, Help the Planet
How craft relates to sustainability

Some Favorite Posts


New Arrivals from Davistudio / Toward a Phenomenology of the Handmade

Trip to NH & VT: Wedding, Bread & Puppet, & Taxidermy

The Craft of Mummification

At Last, the Display Cases!

Does Living Amongst Beautiful Things Promote Longevity?

Inspiring Treetop Spheres

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