Saturday, April 15, 2006

Inspiring Treetop Spheres

I saw this today on the Grist List and it totally transported me...

If pre-fab homes are all the rage on the sustainability front these days, and treehouses never fail to capture the imagination, then this structure takes the cake. It's called a Free Spirit Sphere, and it's made in British Columbia. It's designed for sleeping, eating, and working, but I imagine a chain of four or five them connected by aerial walkways, and each one is a different room.

I love living in the city, but there's part of me that craves the option of solitude in the woods. Maybe I need one to hang someplace as a personal retreat...

The Free Spirit Spheres are handmade (of layered wood strips and clear fiberglass), and definitely tap into conscientious living. So maybe one day we will carry them at Greenjeans! (I think we'll need a space with a higher ceiling, though...)

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