Thursday, April 13, 2006

So Many New Arrivals!

In the last 2 days, hundreds of works by 7 artisans have arrived at Greenjeans.

Two of these artisans are brand new to the shop: Trio Designs of Toronto who make glossy fused glass trays, coasters, and bowls in scrumptious colors; and Judy Geagley of Kentucky who handstitches the most perfect bears, bunnies, and other friendly friends. (Judy's bunnies here would make great Easter gifts!)

Jae and I have spent hours unpacking, rearranging, and storing overflow, and now the shop is filled to the gills with gorgeous work to bring delight to you, your home, and the people you love. Instead of a slideshow (which doesn't work on older browsers), here are all the pictures to scroll through. It's a lot, but it's exciting to have so many new things to display!

Introducing Humpty Dumpty, Flat Cat, Chance E. Bear, Tattered Old Bear (small), and Little Flat Animals, all by Judy.

This is Dawg.

Tattered Old Bear and Chance E. Bear (small).

This plaid bear matches the decor!

More of John Zentner's piggy banks have arrived.

Shino pitcher and matching cups by John Zentner.

More pairs of mugs than you can shake a stick at!

Stacks of pottery bowls, which Jae is guarding like a fierce dragon. (We got a little punchy today dealing with all those boxes!)

Sponge-painted pottery by Jeff Brown. This is what I think of when I think "pottery."

Little House and Dragonfly wall piece by Jane Kaufmann.
Lime green serving platter and taupe seed vase by Mary Anne Davis.

Mother Nature by Jane Kaufmann.

Porcelain multicolored serving dish by Mary Anne Davis.

Large wool gathering basket (14" high) with leather handles by Ray Lagasse, full of new Sol Mate Socks.

Fused glass 5" candy dish (or ashtray) by Trio Design.

Fused glass Spring bowl (15") by Trio Design. So pretty and elegant!

Table Vase by Trio Design. Tall, stripey, and handsome in a metal frame.
Cleopatra and Elizabeth I fingerpuppets by Jane Kaufmann.

Fresh and funky fused glass platter (24x11") by Trio Design in scrumptious colors.

Coasters by Trio Design (like the ones we use at the shop).
We have 8 different designs. These are two of them.

New table setting by Jeff Brown in rich cobalt blue.

Whew! And don't forget we have a new batch of baskets (double pie basket, serving trays, wine basket, and more) by Ray Lagasse.

We'll be open all weekend, so come on by and check it out!

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rena said...

everything looks SOOOO good. i'm coming in to find gifts for upcoming twin boy babies..