Friday, April 21, 2006

Going Green at Greenjeans!

In honor of Earth Day (which is tomorrow, April 22), I've made a window display with bunches of nature-inspired and green-colored works. Corny perhaps, but I think it looks kinda nice!

Here's a tour:

:: Sculpture of Mother Earth (holding a string of seeds) and large green orb with pink lilies by Jane Kaufmann (NH)

:: Leafy green fused glass platter by Trio Designs Glassware (Toronto)

:: Lime green porcelain platter by Mary Anne Davis (NY)
Happy Birthday, Mary Anne!!!

:: Jars of organic, preservative-free almond-oatmeal facial scrub by Dag Shaw (NH)

:: Felted wool sculpture with green cones on white block by Geoff Buddie and Chris Rom (OH)

:: Doat green table setting by Kit Cornell (NH)

:: Green bound books by Beth Reimer (Bklyn)

:: Long handled basket by Ray Lagasse (NH)

:: Teddy bear made from reclaimed houndstooth pants by Judy Geagley (KY)

:: Green resin and sterling silver bracelet and earrings by Lulu Smith (WA)

:: Enamel pendant on leather cord by Alana Dlubak (CA)

We have many more works from spoons to earrings made from reclaimed materials, and everything at Greenjeans is beautifully handmade by independent artisans in small quantities. (See yesterday's post about buying quality to help protect the environment, too.)

I can't resist posting this picture of our orchid, too. Jae's Mom gave her to us as a shop warming present when we opened last year. Here she is in her second blooming!

Happy Earth Day!

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Mad said...

I love the Earthday themed window! Go Amy and Jae! Thank you for the birthday wish...Raising awareness about our stuff, where it comes from, the people who make it, celebrating crafts - all important issues on so many levels. Environmental, social, economic, artistic. Greenjeans does a superb job tying it all together. Well done! :)