Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Artisan: Alana Dlubak

This weekend we debuted a wonderful new addition to Greenjeans: one-of-a-kind enamel pendants and rings by Alana Dlubak. (Click here for slideshow of available pieces.)

Alana's pieces are casual and classy. They are colorful, simple, and look great with most everything. Once you have one, you won't know how you managed so long without it!

The pendants on adjustable leather cords are double-sided so you two pieces in one. ($80 small; $95 large)

Pendants strung with semi-precious stones are backed with hand-stitched felt. (Prices are all different so please call for quote.)

The rings are enameled inside and out so they feel as great as they look. ($120 small; $130 large)

Enameling is a process of fusing ground glass to metal by heating it at high temperatures. Alana uses copper, which she first cuts into various shapes then sandblasts to prepare the surface. Though she works in a limited range of shapes, each of Alana's compositions is totally unique, so no two necklaces are the same. But they are all eye-catching and wonderful to wear.

Alana, born in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, is a third-generation glass worker. Her grandfather designed and hand-assembled stained glass windows. Her father eventually took over and transformed the business, inventing new tools, machines, and techniques for working with glass. And Alana brings the "craft ideal" back to the family through jewelry making. She lived and worked in New York City for several years before moving to Venice, California, where she currently resides.

We welcome Alana to Greenjeans, and invite you to come see her beautiful work here in the South Slope!

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rena said...

LOVE these. Save one for me!